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What You Should Know About Culinary Arts Schools

It takes dedication to become a chef. Many people entertain the idea of becoming a chef and owning their own restaurant but few actually make this dream come true. Even fewer individuals make their restaurant a success. You may know how to chop an onion or saut some vegetables but that isn’t enough. Before you go looking into culinary arts schools, you are going to need a lot more information in order to make such an important decision.

The best culinary school can only teach its culinary students so much. There has to be a will and drive to succeed. Being a chef means checking your ego at the door, at least while you are learning. There is no such thing as a weekend off and the hours can be late. You will have to clean, cook and prepare food long before your first customer sits down to order a meal. You can expect to work holidays and work more than a forty hour week.

Culinary arts schools vary across the country and the world but if you are determined to go ahead and know what is in store for you, then you cannot go wrong with the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School offered at many campuses across the world. They have what it takes in order to teach you how to become the award winning executive chef that you want to be. The program can be found in many different states and you will not regret gaining admittance.

The programs at Le Cordon Bleu are divided into three different course programs. The Culinary Arts program, Patisserie and Baking, and Hospitality and Restaurant Management. If you can afford the time and money to attend all three programs, then you will be ahead of many culinary students in the industry who elect to just attend one program.

It is a great way to learn all facets of the industry. You will be well rounded in different cooking and baking techniques, as well as learning the skills needed to run your own restaurant.

Culinary arts schools are not cheap nor are they quick. It takes time to become an chef. You will want to choose a program that is accredited and has a high success ratio from former students.

Small factors such as these can make the difference between being a mediocre chef and being someone who commands respect from the culinary community. With hard work and determination you can get your culinary degree and perhaps be the next big television cooking star or be in command of your own five star restaurant. Good luck and try to enjoy what you are cooking!

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Attending Top Culinary Schools Requires Some Cooking Knowledge

Boiling water without burning it may seem like a simple process but in reality there are some individuals who simply do not know their way around the kitchen. They cannot tell you the difference between saut and broil. Culinary students who are interested in the top culinary schools must have some background in the kitchen if they hope to become an executive chef one day.

They have to know the basics if they want that ‘A’ on their souffle. It can be a demanding career and one that is tough on the body, mind and ego but for those who have the determination the pay off is extraordinary.

Top culinary schools are not everywhere. There are many located throughout the United States that offer a comprehensive cooking degree upon completion, yet there are some that do not and so you must go online. The only online school that may be applicable, should you want to run the front end of a restaurant, is The University of Phoenix with their Hospitality and Business Management program. However, this program will only teach you how to run the front of a restaurant, as it will not include any instruction in the culinary arts. Many cooking colleges offer a special type of arts program that is world renowned. At the California School of Culinary Arts Pasadena, you can partake in the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts program, about which most people are most familiar.

It is a great curriculum that offers three distinct programs, which you can either take separately or all together. They offer the culinary arts program, a baking program and a program that focuses on Hospitality and Restaurant Management.

If you are not thinking about obtaining a certificate or degree and simply want to further your skills and knowledge in the kitchen, then you may want to think about specialized classes in one area of culinary delight. You could take a Thai cooking school class or even an Italian cooking school class to teach you how to make those wonderful dishes you order at restaurants.

Choosing from among the top culinary schools can be difficult for students. Not everyone is cut out to be a chef. Some people never aspire to learn how to make the dishes served in five star restaurants. But for those who persevere and learn the tricks of the trade it can be a rewarding career filled with excitement and advancement. It is a dream of a lifetime for those individuals.

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Answering Your Culinary Schools Questions

There is something relaxing about cooking a favorite meal at home. The delicious aromas while the food is cooking and then there is the final product awaiting your taste buds. Have you ever given any thought to taking your love and passion for food and making it into a career?

Many people are finding rewarding careers in the food industry. Culinary schools are experiencing record enrollment thanks in part to television shows such as ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ and ‘Top Chef’.

Each week participants put their cooking skills to the test and it makes others yearn to be in the kitchen doing the same thing. Even if cooking is not your idea of fun there are other aspects of the food industry that are taught in culinary schools.

You may want to work on the business side. Where ever your passion for food lies, a culinary school can help you find the skills you need. In this article we will cover the basics of culinary schools and what you can expect from this fiery career choice.

What do culinary schools teach?

Culinary schools begin with the basics of the kitchen. One of the first lessons you will learn is about kitchen safety such as handling knives and what to do in an emergency such as a fire. You will learn basic food preparation guidelines such as what temperature is acceptable on meats.

You will learn basic accounting, computer skills, inventory management and even some psychology. Culinary schools want you to have a diverse background because the workplace is so diverse. The most important lesson you learn is how to work together as a team. One person cannot run a restaurant or kitchen alone so teamwork is absolutely essential.

Are culinary schools all about learning how to cook?

You may be surprised to learn that culinary schools do teach more than kitchen skills such as knife handling and how to make a souffle. They also teach students how to deal with the public, how to handle finances and how to manage inventory.

There is also instruction on how to communicate effectively as well as manage employees. Culinary schools want to give you a broad background on the food industry. The more information you have the better prepared you will be when you graduate.

Do certain schools specialize in different areas of the culinary world?

There are schools that do specialize in certain cuisines but you would typically find these specialized schools overseas. The culinary schools in the United States tend to teach a broad spectrum since culinary palates are so diverse here. Should you wish to study French cuisine exclusively it would be best to attend a school in France where you can learn from the masters of the trade.

What are some of the jobs that I can expect to work in after I graduate from a culinary school?

There are a wide variety of jobs that can open up for you once you have graduated from a culinary school. You can be a line chef, an assistant baker, a restaurant manager and even be a pantry cook. Do not expect to get out of school and immediately become a master chef.

It takes years of hard work in order to obtain the level of experience that you need in order to say you are a master chef. You may study for ten years under another chef before you go out on your own. Eventually you will gain the knowledge and skills you need in order to be considered a master chef. The trick is patience and practice.

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