Bored Of The Stuffed Turkey For Christmas Dinner- Alternatives To The Traditional Christmas Dinner

The festive season is characterized by expanded waistlines due to the indulgence that goes on unabated. The average person will gain in excess of 5lbs over this period. A few of us might really be surprised about the whole waistline expansion thing while others find the roast potatoes, chocolates, mulled wine and mince pies too delicious to care about putting on the pounds. The cold weather during Christmas also plays a very big part in ensuring that we put on the pounds due to the simple fact that our bodies need energy to stay warm which translates to more eating. One of the highlights of Christmas has to be the traditional Christmas feast and especially the stuffed turkey and Mullen wine. Families gather for the Christmas festivities and end up swapping gifts for Christmas as they indulge in brussel sprouts, cranberry sauce and the roast turkey. This is also a time that most of us let our guard down and indulge in just about anything that comes our way.

They say a rest is as good as a change, there are some of us who would like to experience a different Christmas altogether especially in terms of the culinary department. Since it is a free world, you have the liberty of treating yourself to some new Christmas culinary delights instead of the usual traditional ones. Who knows, you might as well start your own Christmas tradition. One of the easiest ways to get this done is to let someone take over the cooking business on that fateful day. Christmas holidays make for some of the most splendid ways of spending Christmas. There are package gifts that are ideal as gifts for her while others are best suited as Christmas gifts for him. Such a treat will see to it that you get someone entirely different to do all the pampering for you. Mums will also find such a gift package quite ideal since they are the ones charged with preparations for the Christmas dinner while everyone else gets to enjoy some beer or gifts.

A Christmas holiday might be anything from a night in a local suite to a fortnight in the Maldives. It will all depend on the bank balance that one has. One of the best gift packages that fall under this is the hotel and theatre for two experience. Another great option to avert the usual traditional Christmas dinner is to spend the day at a relatives instead of your place. In this way, you get to relax a little since the responsibility of entertaining the guests will be on someone else. One of the hardest aspects of the traditional Christmas dinner is the fact that you have to feed lots of people at a go. The food is in huge quantities and it has to be done to perfection. If he happens to be interested in cooking, you can always get him a cookery demonstration for two which has been rated severally as one of the best Christmas gifts for him especially if he loves cooking. A recipe book is also one of the best gifts for her if you want to do away with the traditional Christmas dinner.