Scope Of Baking And Pastry

Pastry schools
Pastry schools provide students with training and expertise to become good bakers/pastry chefs. They offer various degrees and programs through which students learn the art of baking. Pastry schools offer the following degrees:

Bachelors of baking and pastry arts
Students enrolled in this program learn how to make bakery items and pastries. They will be given knowledge and in depth training, preparing them to become professional bakers or pastry chefs. Students also learn the scientific and biological components involved in baking, providing insight into chemical compositions and human health.

Students practice the techniques and processes of baking and pastry making in kitchen labs. This includes all categories of pastry such as deserts, patisserie, confections and specialty breads. The course also teaches students interpersonal skills, ethics, psychology and management skills that are required in the professional field of cooking.
The courses studied in the bachelors degree are:
Baking and patisserie
Culinary science
Business maths
Culinary skills and equipment operation
Food service and kitchen management
International cuisine
Nutrition Masters in baking and pastry art
In this program, students learn the baking techniques and methods for creating all kinds of confectionaries. Apart from spending hours in the kitchen classroom, students will also be taught managerial skills that will be essential for working in professional restaurants and kitchens. This is a two year program where some of the main courses studied are:
Baking and pastry art skill
Theories in baking
Culinary Science
Culinary deserts
Food safety
Baking and pastry arts theory
Business entrepreneurship

Kitchen management
Certificates and diplomas

Pastry Schools also offer certificates and diplomas. These short courses are designed to prepare individuals for the professional world of culinary arts. It includes teaching students different techniques for pastry making, pastry handling, decorating, packaging and marketing. Main courses studied include:

Bread and pastries
Yeast and dough fundamentals
Plated dessert fundamentals
Cooking with chocolate
Bakery production Top pastry schools
The best Pastry Schools where individuals can attain degrees in bakery and pastry are:
Institute of culinary education(NYC)
Texas culinary academy
California culinary academy(san Francisco)
The school of culinary arts-Kendall college
Career prospects for pastry chefs:
Pastry chefs can face a wide number of opportunities in the professional world of pastry art. Following are some options:
Work for a bakery
Become a food critic or writer
Open up your own business The pay scale of pastry chefs ranges from $24,000 to $64,000 per annum.