Tips For Decorating A Bridal Shower Party

Decorating a bridal shower can be simple and fun. Here are some tips to follow:

1. Follow a theme
If youre concerned with your party seeming put together and having continuity from start to finish, it is a good idea to have a bridal shower theme. Themes can be as simple as choosing a few colors you like and threading them throughout the party, or as elaborate as showcasing a specific designer. Most themes are fun and full of potential.

Some popular themes follow:
*Honeymoon: decorate with posters, photos, and items showcasing the location of the bridal couples honeymoon
*Lingerie: host an adult pajama party and invite a salesperson to do a lingerie demonstration for your bridal shower. Decorate in boudoir silks and reds or in a fifties pajama party theme
*Stock the Pantry: each guest is instructed to bring a gift that can be used to stock the pantry or kitchen of the new couple. Decorate with potted herbs, herbal prints, and flowers.
*Kiss the Cook: for a woman with culinary leanings, have a chef do a demonstration at the bridal shower. For a specific niche of cooking, decorate with the country of origin in mind (eg. France, Italy). For a general cooking theme, decorate with kitchen utensils and retro food prints.

2. Use food as decoration
Potted and fresh herbs make good decorations. Appetizers and desserts can be arranged in tiers. Petit-fours and tea sandwiches or cookies make especially pretty tiered sculptures. Certain foods, like cheese fondue or chocolate fountains, are decorative enough to become centerpieces on their own. Using the food to fill out the decorations keeps both costs and cleanup down and makes a unique look.

3. Create tablescapes
Decorating at a party where food will be served need not be as simple as throwing a tablecloth over a table, setting out place settings, and serving lunch. Take time to contrast and combine colors, textures, and patterns to build a layered, finished look. Use a bold tablecloth in one of the theme colors. Layer with placemats of two more contrasting colors. Integrate antique, thrift-store, or found place settings, vases, and silverware for a unique look. For an example of what this looks like, watch Semi-Homemade Cooking with Sandra Lee on The Food Network. She creates a special tablescape for each show to go along with the dishes she has made.

5. Use the entire room
Dont forget to use lighting, music, and room elements to aid the decoration of the party. Changing the lighting by using table lamps, fairy lights, or candles can create an incredible difference in mood and ambiance. You can also use or depart from the season youre in to add to the decoration of the party. Allow the scene outside of the window to become a decorative touch. Bring the season inside with found nature objects and flowers.

What you need most when decorating for a bridal shower is creativity and an open mind. No matter your budget, you can make a bridal shower look great. Use what you have, play up the best parts, and tie it together with color or a theme.