What is Indian vegetarian food all about

We all know that the largest number of vegetarians stay in India. So while we are wondering what kind of food they eat – here are some insights that you would like to know.

Indian vegetarian food is mostly influenced by factors like region, caste, religion, etc. There are many varieties of vegetables and spices that are used to make the Indian cuisine. Those who know Indian culture well would understand how much efforts are put into making the food perfect. After all, everyone loves to have a wholesome meal here.

There are many dishes in the typical Indian vegetarian food. The North has a lot of spicy sabzis that include paneer kadai, paneer makhanwala, dal, yellow dal makhani, chole, rajma etc. This is eaten with Indian bread of naan, roti, chapatti, kulcha etc. The east has a lot of sea food and chaat while the West has a spicy range of food items. The South has a lot of rice varieties and curries that include avial, sambar, rasam, idlis, dosas etc. The list here is very few there are way more items that are included in these region specific cuisines. India has so much of diversity in its platter that one can never taste all the items of the country even in their entire lifetime.

That is exactly where and how thali restaurants come into the picture. Thali is a complete meal right from starters to dessert that is served in one big plate. Indian food is always freshly cooked and people believe in eating food that is served hot. There are different kinds of thalis served in different restaurants. That of course depends upon the audience that they cater to.

Thali restaurants serve delicacies that are native to a particular region. The food items are served in small bowls. The thali usually comprises of chapatis, some starters, sabzis, salad, yogurt, rice, dal and a sweet dish. A beverage called chaas is usually served along with it too. The recipes of these Indian dishes have been passed on from generations. Its rich taste is always something that cna never be replaced by the fast food phenomenon.

Thali restaurants do well because many of them often serve unlimited thalis – which means one can eat till they are completely satisfied. The charge for the thali is same irrespective of the difference in appetites. During the festive season especially they do very well.

Thalis mostly consist of the Indian vegetarian food. They are mostly preferred during lunch or dinner because those are the times when people prefer having heavy meals. This is one reason now there are growing numbers of patrons who are visiting thali restaurants. Because paying a limited amount you get to eat how much ever you want. Though the number of health conscious people has increased, there is a huge chunk of population that still prefers having heavy meals that satisfy one’s stomach. Thali restaurants will surely have a roaring business in future too. Indian vegetarian food is just too vast and tasty to compete with.